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My first 100 days as Allscripts CEO

I’ve been hitting the road hard to learn from clients and teammates who are making a real difference in this industry. Their passion for health care is inspirational.

Allscripts continues to lead the charge toward our vision of an Open, Connected Community of Health™.  We’ve complemented our portfolio by acquiring important additions, dbMotion and Jardogs, and by becoming a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance.

And we’re steadily marching toward being the first to deliver a community solutions model.  A model where analytics and outcomes will transform health care. Where patients can own more of their care decisions.

Leading a transformation in health care

After logging tens of thousands of miles to meet with folks, I’m hearing loud and clear that clients resonate with our Open approach. They know we “get it,” as we build out our solutions architecture with a fully interoperable platform.

To me, we’ve truly transformed health care when we’ve changed it permanently for the better. With Open, it’s happening. There are three clear themes emerging from my conversations:

We’re working closely with clients and patients to transform the industry.

At Allscripts we understand our serious obligation to both caregivers and patients. We have our finger on the pulse of how patients want to interact via Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the future. We’re partnering closely with our clients to ensure our solutions meet their current and future needs.

It is encouraging to see the number of healthcare leaders that choose Allscripts, such as Bronx-LebanonResolute Health and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It is impressive what our solutions enable clients to accomplish, which we’ll celebrate this year with our Client Awards.

Population health management (ACO, value-based purchasing) will play a key role in the transformation.

Automating the collection of patient data is an important first step. Collecting the data as discrete elements doubly so.

But we also need to aggregate that clinical and financial data from across the many venues where people receive care, make it accessible, analyze it and use it to drive coordinated care. This approach will change behaviors, bend the cost and quality curves, and truly transform health care.

Insights must encompass clinical, financial and biometric data so clients can deliver the best care possible, especially to high-risk populations. Health delivery organizations must eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies to improve the cost of care.

For example, University Hospitals Health System (UHHS) in Cleveland is collaborating with us to actively manage at-risk and self-insured populations. This partnership spans our EHR systems, post-acute systems, patient portal and analytics offering to deliver a total population health management solution.

Solving the patient data puzzle is vital to improving care coordination.

To deliver value-based care, clinicians need to locate Jane Doe’s records across multiple communities, know they have the correct Jane Doe, and access her clinical record in a secure, low-cost way.  Accessing the data isn’t enough; physicians and patients need to be able to use that information to make the right decisions. That’s why we acquired dbMotion and Jardogs and participate in CommonWell.

CommonWell will help identify and locate patient records on a national basis. More details to come as the team sets specific milestones for the pilot program expected to launch later this year.

dbMotion extracts and aggregates the right patient records from anywhere, aggregates and normalizes them, and serves as our strategic platform for care coordination and population health.

Jardogs leverages those same capabilities to share data with the patient and makes it much simpler for patients to communicate with physicians and their offices. Jardogs will be our strategic platform for Consumer Engagement.

Allscripts delivers a coordinated care solution for physicians, care team members, and patients. This gets us to our vision: better health care, better health and lower cost. Globally. For everyone.

Investing in the future

We’re at a tipping point in health care, and for the future. With these recent actions, Allscripts has doubled-down on our commitment to partner with clients to enable an Open, Connected Community of Health. We’ll invest $500 million in 2013 to deliver on this strategy.

I’m proud of Allscripts and our large community of clients. Together, we can transform health care. I look forward to leading the charge for Allscripts and for the industry.

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