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A sneak peek at ACE 2013 education session planning

Our annual conference, Allscripts Client Experience (ACE), will be here before we know it. We look forward to it as part of our commitment to an Open, Connected Community of Health TM.

The conference is well-rated. According to last year’s survey of attendees, 90% gave ACE an overall rating of good, very good or excellent. And 89% would recommend ACE to a friend.

Feedback on education sessions

Clients especially value opportunities to learn at ACE from Allscripts and – even more so – from each other.  According to the survey, 85% rated the quality of education sessions as good, very good or excellent. And 91% report they will be able to apply knowledge learned at ACE to their jobs.

Here are a few qualitative remarks* about the educational opportunities:

Good mix of sessions for different roles (clinician, IT) – but not so segregated that we couldn’t mix to share experiences.

I loved being able to network with other homecare users. The sessions were very helpful with not only learning new ideas from the presenters but also from others attending the sessions.

I learned alot by attending ACE. I think the session were useful and I was able to network with users that were on the same programs as I am.

These are core strengths of the program we’d like to continue. Other attendees made suggestions about how we can improve.

Top 3 things ACE attendees would like to see more of:

  1. Advanced courses – Over time many clients develop an expertise with our products and are looking for advanced instruction.
  2. CME opportunities – The conference is even more valuable when it fulfills Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. A growing number of sessions qualify for CME, but we still need more.
  3. Client-led sessions – Insights from the front lines of healthcare are extremely valuable to attendees. This also helps us increase CME opportunities, as Allscripts-led sessions are not eligible for CME credits.

We hear this feedback, and we agree. But we can only improve with the help of our connected community.

For example, perhaps clients who have advanced from apprentice to master have graduated from attendee to potential presenter. If more expert clients became presenters, it would improve the conference by addressing the top three suggestions.

Finding your place at ACE

We’re working to find the right mix of beginner and intermediate sessions. If you’re an expert (or have one in mind), let us know.  Sharing wisdom at ACE helps so many others in our connected community.

Planning is going on now. Please help us get it right, and share what you can offer to ACE before March 31.

* Editor’s Note – We’re sharing comments exactly as received, as we are unable to confirm any corrections with anonymous respondents.

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