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What’s Next for Healthcare IT?

Curious about industry trends? Partner Mary Meeker from venture firm Kleiner Perkins gave a presentation entitled ‘Internet Trends’ at Stanford Monday night that provides a broad commentary on technology, society, and the economy. If you get excited about what’s possible at the intersection of technology, culture, and human behavior, check it out.

A couple of takeaways and considerations:

Mobility will take over—Just a few years ago many thought of mobile computing—smartphones & tablets—as something complimentary to desktops. Mary’s data and trends suggest a future where mobile computing is the primary platform. What’s most exciting to consider is the potential applications in healthcare—not cramming today’s applications onto a new device, but instead rethinking, reinventing work and information flows.

iOS and Android the platforms of the future—The data show significant growth and share that Apple and Android devices are taking from Wintel. In healthcare many have cited the early lead that Apple products have, especially on the tablet side. These data suggest that in the overall market Android is outpacing Apple significantly…which may spill over into healthcare.

Open coming to healthcare—Mark Zuckerberg suggests that open (vs. closed) leads to better products, businesses, and economies. Anybody that is aware of the Health Data Initiative or has attended the annual forum, Health Datapalooza, has seen this firsthand. Open standards, open data, and collaboration are creating an explosion of new technologies and applications in healthcare.

What grabs your attention from the presentation? Leave your thoughts below.

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