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The Art of Listening Shapes the Latest Release of Wand

Since we launched the Allscripts Wand™ application for the iPad® in April, response has been tremendous. Nearly 7,000 clients have used Wand to enable support staff to enter patient data into the Allscripts EHR from the iPad. Then, physicians told us loud and clear they need a few more features.

We listened.

Working closely with hundreds of physicians, we developed a new version of the app – Allscripts Wand v1.1. We build Wand from the ground up to address client preferences on how they want to interact with technology.

With Wand, providers can easily move between their desktops and iPads in the way that works best for them for safe and efficient patient consultations and management. Physicians told us a flexible user interface is key. With the iPads, doctors can enter data by touch, by speaking or a combination of both methods.

Our clients had other needs, too. To meet these needs, this latest version now includes:

  • Clinical Documentation:  With the existing templates already configured in Allscripts Professional EHR™, users can now complete a review of systems and physical exam documentation
  • Assessment & Plan: Users can now identify the problems being assessed, enter orders associated to those assessed problems and utilize all short lists and favorites as already configured in Pro EHR.
  • Sign—off and Billing:  Users can now preview the complete H&P report and submit charges as well as confirm billing details such as encounter type and billing provider, select the Encounter Pack to determine what documents will be printed, and sign off.

Taking advantage of mobile devices is a smart way for clinical practices to get easier and faster access to the EHR features that care providers use most. I’m especially excited about the reaction from the physicians whose input shaped how the app works. It’s an ongoing conversation that will help shape future versions of Wand.

What’s on your wish list for mobile apps that interact with your practice’s EHR?

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