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Shareable Ink in the Spotlight, Producing MU with Allscripts Open Architecture

By: Suzanne Cogan, VP, Sales and Marketing
Shareable Ink

“As I had hoped, with a little innovative, outside-the-box thinking, we succeeded in getting technology to work for us without changing our practice to suit the technology.”

That’s my favorite line from a recent article in Healthcare Management Technology (HMT) by Shelia Tonn-Knopf, executive director of The Center for Orthopedics in Cleveland, OH. She’s talking about the flexibility of the Shareable Ink solution to enable their patients and healthcare providers to easily complete existing forms with no change in workflow, then have the data automatically processed and mapped to the appropriate fields in the EHR system.

Without changing the check-in process, The Center for Orthopedics is able to capture Meaningful Use (MU) data right away without the need for additional data entry resources and without burdening the physicians.

Open door for innovation

The transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR) can be challenging for physicians and patients alike. Some organizations are concerned about decreased productivity due to changes in the office workflow; while clinicians worry about the lack of focus in evaluating patients if they are required to use a keyboard during the patient visit.  For Shareable Ink, Allscripts Open architecture enables us to offer this elegant solution that mimics traditional processes while populating the Allscripts EHR with the structured, actionable data needed to improve patient outcomes.

By simply filling out paper forms with a Shareable Ink digital pen, clinicians and patients can document clinical and administrative information and submit it directly into their Allscripts EHR with no change to their workflow.

Success in Practice

For The Center for Orthopedics, the high volume practice meant long patient wait times. According to the story in HMT, they were processing 8 to 9 patients every 15 minutes. The rollout of an EHR with the addition of the Shareable Ink system was a great opportunity to make positive productivity changes and improve the patient experience.

And it worked. The article highlights the ability to easily capture MU data and make it available right away to the healthcare staff, before the patient even enters the exam room. Equally important was the reduction in patient wait time without having to invest in significant staff additions or changes to the physical layout of the waiting areas.

It’s a great story and we thank The Center for Orthopedics for telling it so well.

What’s your favorite application that integrates with Allscripts open platform? Leave a comment below.


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