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ACE12 Final Day

The final day of ACE12 dawned a gorgeous day in Chicago – sunny and not too hot. But the crowd has definitely thinned.  We spoke with several Allscripts clients who were eager to head home to their families and look for ways to apply what they’ve learned.

Those who stuck around for Friday’s half day of sessions found some of the best had been saved for last.


The Story of “Open”

Among them, David Vawdrey, Ph.D. of Columbia University presented one of the most exciting stories in healthcare IT today.  Vawdrey, Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics, is part of a small team of IT geniuses tasked with enhancing the Sunrise and Enterprise EHR deployments for Columbia’s 1,000+ faculty physicians and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (his colleague, Dr. Peter Stetson, presented at ACE12 yesterday). 

David Vawdrey, Ph.D. of Columbia University

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital includes Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center, and three related facilities in and around New York City that together comprise the nation’s largest hospital with over 2,400 beds.

Vawdrey’s session, titled “Using Allscripts Open Architecture to Support Communication, Coordination and Care Efficiency,” focused on three innovations by the Bioinformatics team that leverage Allscripts open architecture to … well, the title says it all. 

The first innovation Vawdrey discussed is an automated process for identifying a patient’s primary care provider (PCP) and recording it in the EHR. This helps ensure that PCPs are notified when one of their patients is hospitalized, and helps coordinate inpatient and ambulatory providers for safer, better care.  The process, driven by a Medical Logic Module (MLM) written by Vawdrey within Sunrise Clinical Manager, increased PCP identification from 23 percent of patients to 72 percent during a one-month period in one clinic studied.

A second innovation is intended to help hospitalized patients feel more engaged in their care.  Vawdrey cited studies from the Institute of Medicine showing that 90 percent of patients wanted to review their hospital medication list for accuracy, but only 28 percent were given the opportunity to do so. And only 32 percent of hospitalized patients can correctly name even one of their hospital physicians.

To help, Vawdrey and team created an iPad app that’s integrated with Sunrise Clinical Manager to provide hospitalized patients a view of their medical team, their medications, educational information, and a way to message their care team within a special tab in Sunrise. (You can read more about the app here). “So far, patient’s love it and the response from clinicians has been positive,” Vawdrey said.

The third innovation Vawdrey discussed is intended to improve adherence to evidence-based practice, Meaningful Use requirements and core measures through a simple electronic quality checklist. An enhancement to existing Sunrise alerts and order sets, the quality checklist provides a “one-stop-shop” in a new tab within Sunrise that clinicians can check quickly without interrupting their workflow.

“This is what anyone can do with Sunrise,” Vawdrey said, referring to the ability to write custom MLMs that draw from the database and trigger processes within the EHR; to create new tabs or other structures within the EHR to house the data; to leverage open APIs and web services; and to integrate the ambulatory and acute EHRs. “It’s the beauty of the architecture that Allscripts provides us.”


ACE12 Attendee Videos on  

For a second day, Modern Healthcare featured videotaped interviews of thought leaders who attended ACE12.

 See where the puck is going to be
Keeping pace with healthcare technology isn’t enough – it’s staying ahead of it that makes a difference. Daniel Kraft, MD, innovator and FutureMed executive director, says providers must not only embrace innovation, but be innovators themselves. Watch Now


Navigating care transitions in an ACO
Learn how Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City has improved transitions of care, length of stay, admission approvals and denial rates. And as care transitions evolve with the role of “care navigators,” learn how Allscripts Care Director will help. Watch Now


Using close to real-time analytics to improve patient care and cost effectiveness
How is “real time” better than retrospective?  Health First’s David Hurwitz, MD, shows how his hospital system uses analytics to provide improved care to patients before they’re even discharged, leading to potential cost savings as well. Watch Now


How practices can be profitable under Healthcare Reform
Gary Davis, CFO of SouthCoast Medical Group, says that even though the future of healthcare is full of unknowns, the right technology tools can help practices prepare for change and continue to be profitable, whatever comes their way.  Watch Now


Farewell Til Next Year!

And so ends another in a long line of exciting and well-attended Allscripts Client Experiences.  The conference ended with attendees grabbing a boxed lunch and heading out to the long line of hotel and airport shuttles. There were lots of hugs and more than one shout of “See you next year!”

Registration for ACE13 in Chicago is already beginning to fill up.  We hope to see you there! 


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