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Welcome to It Takes a Community: The Allscripts Blog

Turn on the news these days and you’ll get an earful of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. High costs … low quality vs. other industrialized nations … medication errors that kill.

But as you know, the media doesn’t always get it right. It Takes a Community offers an alternative to traditional media coverage of healthcare. The mission of this new blog is to educate by exposing what’s working in healthcare and how providers get to the goal line. You’ll hear from some of the world’s best physicians, nurses, CIOs and healthcare administrators. In their own words (and pictures), they’ll share some of the most remarkable stories to be found anywhere in healthcare today.

You’ll also hear from experts within Allscripts. Our editorial team includes our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, and subject matter experts from every corner of the company.  Beginning this week at HIMSS12 in Las Vegas, they’ll chime in on industry news and offer their own perspective based on their decades of healthcare and IT experience.

In the spirit of sharing our perspective, let’s begin with the blog’s name. At Allscripts we’re convinced that, while a village might do just fine for raising a child, transforming healthcare requires a full community of committed, connected providers, patients, and a whole lot of other stakeholders, some of who are new to healthcare. No one organization and no one system, no matter how large, can operate in a vacuum. In the Internet Age we’re all connected.  And those connections offer a rich set of information and interactions that can transform our relationships (Facebook), our businesses (Salesforce), our family life (Xbox Kinect) and, especially, the way we care for patients.   

Executing on that vision – something we call our Connected Community of Health – requires open systems that can share information across organizational boundaries, enabling providers to work as a team to improve care. The closed systems that are found in many large health systems can’t do that and, frankly, are a step backwards.

That’s why openness is the foundation of all Allscripts technology. It’s also the guiding light for this blog. Its content may come from Allscripts and our clients but we want to hear from you. So, please, comment on these posts and share your own experience. We can’t do this alone.


What we don’t know, we teach each other. The best success stories are as much about what went wrong as what went right. Mistakes are how we learn . . .  together. And in today’s fast-changing environment, we could all do with a little more learning.  If after following It Takes a Community for a couple of weeks you don’t come away more informed, educated and motivated to improve your organization, tell us why!  We’re ready to listen and learn and get better.

It’s that important.  And we all know we can do better and create a higher quality health experience. Let’s do this!

And, let’s get the conversation started!

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