Allscripts Wand™

A revolutionary EHR user experience

Allscripts Wand is the native iPad® application for TouchWorks and Professional EHR. It couples the latest in tablet technology with the latest in user-experience innovation for a revolutionary approach to how clinicians practice medicine. Wand enables the mobile healthcare professional to move between their desktop and iPad for patient consultations and management.




Wand breaks new ground in intuitiveness and usability. To create the fastest, most efficient experience for providers, developers employed Human Performance Modeling  —  the technique used by NASA to predict and improve pilot performance. The result is a streamlined workflow and faster access to data.

Features and Functionality

With its graphical interface and intuitive workflow, Wand enables clinicians to:

  • Add or update clinical information for a patient (allergies, history, immunizations, problems, medications)  
  • Review an appointment list
  • Gain quick access to patient summary information with quick drill-down access to details when necessary
  • Obtain a longitudinal, all-in-one timeline view of key patient information (lab results, medications, vitals, and more)
  • Capture chief complaints / History of Present Illness
  • ePrescribe with electronic transmission to pharmacies and drug interaction checking for safe prescriptions 
  • Resolve tasks and respond to messages

In addition to the features listed above, Wand also includes:

  • Clinical Documentation:  Utilizing the existing templates already configured in the EHR , users can complete a review of systems, and physical exam documentation
  • Assessment & Plan: Users can identify the problems being assessed, enter orders associated to those problems and utilize all quick-sets and favorites as already configured in the EHR.
  • Sign-off and Billing:  Users can preview the complete H&P report and submit charges.  They can confirm billing details such as encounter type and billing provider, select the Encounter Pack to determine which documents will be printed, and sign off.


  • Improved User Experience: A better, faster, and more enjoyable experience with the EHR
  • Improved Workflows: Optimization of 20 percent of the EHR workflows that are used by clinical healthcare professionals 80 percent of the time
  • Improved Productivity: Efficient use of time within the exam room and between patients

For more information on Allscripts Wand 1.1 for Professional EHR and Wand 2.0 for TouchWorks EHR, download the apps from iTunes. Simply use the direct download links on this page.

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