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Better Care Delivery

Population Health Management

Health care centered around the patient

Healthcare no longer happens at a discrete point or place in time. It is ongoing and centers around the patient.

With our population health management solutions, you can successfully exchange information across the healthcare continuum and improve quality, outcomes and performance. And ultimately, enable providers to give better care for their patients.

Improve the health of an entire population

Provide safer and more efficient care

We all know what compromises patient safety: Underlying conditions or diseases. Unknown medications. Allergies and contraindications. Forgetful or unresponsive patients. Missing notes or documentation.

And we know what creates inefficiency: Lack of communication. Redundant services. Unnecessary or duplicate testing. Incomplete or missing records.

Allscripts offers solutions to minimize and mitigate these concerns. We know it is critical for providers within your walls…throughout your enterprise…and across the community to have access to current, comprehensive information. And to be able to connect with patients and clinicians to manage care across settings.



Link and Empower Physicians

The power of information sharing—and optimizing the value of your HIT systems—is unquestionable. Community-based providers benefit when they know how hospitalized patients are being treated—and what follow up is needed post-discharge. Care provided in an acute environment—ED or inpatient, for example—is much improved when clinicians have access to ambulatory records.

Plus, patient satisfaction increases when every provider has the complete picture—and can deliver care quickly and responsively. Likewise, you strengthen your referral network and provider loyalty when you give them the information they need, when they need it.

Engage Patients

To truly improve quality and outcomes, industry visionaries know they must equip care teams to engage patients more directly and consistently—through ongoing communication, better education and regular interaction. Patients, likewise, understand the power of becoming increasingly involved in their care. An Accenture survey of more than 1,100 U.S. patients, in fact, found that:

  • 90% desire web-based access to health information and education
  • 88% want to receive email reminders for preventative or follow-up care
  • 76% want the option of email consultations with doctors
  • 72% want to book, change or cancel physician appointments online

Allscripts offers the solutions to truly engage patients—to involve them as partners in their own care, and encourage the behavior and lifestyle changes to improve health and well being.



Succeed with new patient models

Payment reform is here. With emerging ACO and value-based care models, providers will be financially rewarded for improving outcomes while driving down costs. It’s a tall order and one that requires comprehensive, integrated patient information coupled with the ability to collect, analyze and report on data.

Visionaries across the country use the dbMotion healthcare information exchange to enable critical strategies—both those in place today and those that may emerge tomorrow. This data sharing functionality drives effective use of analytics for compliance with demanding—and expanding—quality and performance criteria.

Drive decisions with data

Complete, accurate data. You can’t improve patient care or operations without it.

Good decisions demand perspective. And such perspective requires up-to-the-minute, clean data for better decisions at the point of care—and to serve as the foundation for informed analysis and effective planning across your enterprise.

Turn to Allscripts for access to the information that produces true business and clinical intelligence—and the insight necessary to achieve critical goals.


Population Health Q&A with Dr. David Nash

Hear Dr. David Nash share his perspectives on how the population health management approach is transforming the clinical and financial future of health care.

Dr. David Nash is internationally recognized for his work in outcomes management, medical staff development and quality-of-care improvement. He was named the Founding Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health (JSPH) in 2008. This appointment caps a twenty-year tenure on the faculty of Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Nash is also the Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy.

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