A holistic view of the care process

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Innovation through Collaboration

Value-based care includes ideas such as accountable care, population health and financial incentives. This concept is becoming the norm for healthcare delivery and reimbursement. To make this shift successful requires communication and collaboration among all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum. 

Allscripts is the only company bringing healthcare stakeholders together to focus on a holistic view of the care process that will drive efficiencies that will lower costs and improve care.

We collaborate with payers, providers, life sciences companies, PBMs and other partners to develop new programs, processes and content that can be delivered to a number of end users through current technology platforms that provides value and improves outcomes. 


Allscripts CareInsights

CareInsights programs are designed to assist clinicians in their efforts to close certain "gaps" in a patient's care, based on evidence-based guidelines for optimal patient outcomes.  The recommendations appear within the clinicians workflow in either TouchWorks® or Professional EHRs.

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