The Power of Open, Connected Communities

That's the Power of Allscripts

A Truly Open, Secure Platform

Connecting People, Places & Insights

In today’s healthcare IT market, you may hear the term “open” used to describe vendors and systems. What exactly does that mean?

Allscripts first introduced this concept to the market in 2012, and many others started imitating that claim. That’s because our Open community health platform connects both clinical and financial insights across the entire care community. We offer an integrated ambulatory, acute and post-acute architecture that spans every care setting. This architecture connects all systems, regardless of location or vendor, and delivers a single view of the patient record. It’s what builds a truly Open, Connected Community.

Open is not just about technology. We also hold it as a philosophy. Allscripts has the willingness, commitment and culture in sharing for a common benefit. Simply put? We think the best healthcare system is a team sport where everyone wins. All of us together are smarter than each of us, and this approach improves outcomes and lowers the cost of healthcare. 

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Connectivity Across an Open Platform

Access to comprehensive patient information is key, and the way to do this is across a centralized, organized and longitudinal patient record. Allscripts dbMotion, our interoperability platform, delivers a single patient record view across multiple systems and settings with a focus on workflow and adaptability. This is how communities of care achieve population health management.

Innovation through Developer Partnerships

Tomorrow’s game-changing healthcare tools won’t be built by one company alone, but collectively by many. Healthcare innovators are everywhere, often small start ups, and the first companies to harness that innovation will move the market forward.

That’s why Allscripts launched the first formal EHR vendor Developer Program, which has more apps, more certified partners and more users than any other vendor – nearly one billion data interactions in 2015 alone, and it continues to grow.

The Power of Open

What makes Allscripts different from the rest? We’d say it’s the Power of Open. This is how we connect people, places and insights across all care settings. No other vendor in the market offers the combined power of our network, solutions and ability to integrate across systems and settings.  

That’s the Power of Allscripts.

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