Profitably Manage the Business of Healthcare

Accelerate payment. Boost productivity. Improve profitability.

Financial Solutions

Produce a healthy financial core

Let Allscripts handle your billing, collections and other financial operations. Our core bundle of revenue cycle software allows you to profit; and lets you focus on keeping patients healthy. From start to finish, Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management Services will guide your financial success. 

You must profit to sustain your organization. Providing optimum care is key; and so is getting reimbursed what you’re owed. It’s imperative to understand and manage your revenue cycle. With the right financial solutions to help meet your monetary needs, your organization can recognize any financial gaps.


Accelerated Payments

Create clean claims & accelerate patient payment with real-time tools that currently process more than 700 million transactions per year with Allscripts Payerpath.

Improved Cash Flow

Enable compliance, billing and collections accuracy, and revenue cycle optimization through a unique visual view of your workflows with Sunrise Financial Manager.

Proven Success

Our portfolio of clinical, financial and operational solutions serves more than 180,000 physician users, 100,000 prescribing physicians 45,000 physician practices, 1,300 hospitals and 13,000 post-acute facilities.

Proven Technology

Improve productivity & enhance practice workflow with the Allscripts Practice Management solution that receives our highest client satisfaction ratings.

Produce a healthy financial core

Everyone gains peace of mind knowing their revenue potential is maximized and their financial needs and simplified. So don’t stay awake worrying about your organization’s financial health; choose Allscripts to build your healthy financial core.

Sunrise Financial Manager

Sunrise Financial Manager provides comprehensive functionality for revenue capture, billing, and receivables management. 

Practice Performance Management

Allscripts Practice Performance enables practices to monitor, track and immediately respond to issues impacting their financial and operational performance.

Practice Management

Allscripts Practice Management introduces effective and efficient workflows to your practice to generate more money and achieve a healthier bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Management

Allscripts Payerpath delivers revenue cycle management solutions and services that integrate with any practice management system, with advanced compatibility with Allscripts Practice Management.

Allscripts EPSi

Allscripts EPSi is a robust solution for decision support, cost accounting, budgeting and analytics. EPSi supports the day-to-day financial management needs of healthcare organizations while enabling them to develop long-term strategies to succeed with new care and reimbursement initiatives.

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