Community EHR Solutions

exclusively for Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Providers

Advancing and Transforming Care with Access to High-Quality, Low-Cost EHR Technology

Sarasota Memorial’s focus has long been on advancing the quality of care and patient safety through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies. With an eye toward further advancements, and in line with evolving healthcare needs, Sarasota Memorial is providing an 85% subsidy for the licensing and implementation fees associated with
Allscripts Enterprise EHR™.

Sarasota Memorial has long entrusted Allscripts, a nationally recognized developer of intuitive EHR technology, with maintaining its enterprise EHR. By partnering with Allscripts, Sarasota Memorial takes the guesswork out of selecting a trusted EHR vendor.

Physicians who choose to participate in the Sarasota Memorial EHR subsidy program will be better enabled to transition to ICD-10 coding requirements, qualify for federal incentive payments and avoid government-imposed penalties for