Change the Game…

With a New Revenue Cycle Approach

Building a Financial Foundation for the Future

Accountable care, bundled payments, and “value-based” reimbursement will require an entirely different business model than the one that most hospitals are accustomed to. To be successful in this new era, a different type of revenue cycle solution must be considered.

This on demand session will look at three critical components that will soon become required for a successful operation of the business side of healthcare.

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Sunrise Financial Manager


The healthcare playing field is changing with the introduction of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and the shift toward new reimbursement models. These complex changes require a new approach that the industry's antiquated financial systems simply cannot deliver.

Introducing Allscripts Sunrise Financial Manager™ — a new approach that provides innovative technology to drive more effective revenue management. Sunrise Financial Manager is built on an innovative platform and provides comprehensive functionality for revenue capture, billing, and receivables management for both hospital and hospital-based physician billing.

Game-Changing Workflow, Design and Technology

Designed with modern tools and technology, Sunrise Financial Manager provides unique visual workflow capabilities that allow you to drag-and-drop tasks, events and rules to create comprehensive and effective processes in an easy-to-view manner.

Create the foundation and processes for value-based care models with advanced revenue cycle functionality across health system and physician billing that utilizes a single repository for clinical, financial, medical-record, and receivables information.

Sunrise Financial Manager is built on the proven and stable Microsoft .NET technology platform to provide organizations with increased performance and lower total cost of ownership. Many other solutions on the market still rely on outdated technology platforms to drive their systems, which results in inefficiency, workarounds, limited integration options, and manual processes to accomplish tasks.