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Streamline reimbursement and claim management

Allscripts Payerpath

Profitably Manage the Business of Health care

Payerpath® is a leading revenue cycle management and clearinghouse service in the United States. With more than 5,000 clients representing more than100,000 providers, Payerpath  processes 600 million claims related transactions annually.

Payerpath provides the credibility, experience and results demanded by both payers and providers. First-time pass rates for claims processed through Payerpath reach 98%, significantly better than the industry average of 90-92%.

Only Payerpath's comprehensive suite of internet solutions address every step in the reimbursement cycle. Whether you are a physician practice, clearinghouse or payer, Payerpath can help your organization succeed in the business of health care through improved reimbursement and claim management processes, leading to cleaner claims and faster payments.


Collaborate Capabilities

Patient Collections

Accelerate your payments and increase patient satisfaction with

PPA:Determine patient responsibility at the point of care.
Fully customizable print statements.
Intuitive online patient payment portal,

Patient Payment Assurance

Payerpath Patient Statements

Integrated Claims Management

Sophisticated claims management and charge entry tools help you get paid more, faster. Multi-level edits and claim scrubbing features ensure you capture accurate and complete information for maximum reimbursement

Payerpath Claims Management

Payerpath Denial Management

Analytics and Benchmarking

Web-based analytics and benchmarking tool that analyzes electronic remittances for comprehensive denials information and payer payment trends

Payerpath Practice Performance

Patient Readiness

Protect revenue before you even see a patient. Put an end to missed care opportunities and better schedule physician time with Payerpath Patient Readiness Solutions.

Payerpath Call

Payerpath Eligibility Verification

Practice Productivity

Recover unpaid claims without spending a dime. Automatically flag underpaid claims for appeal.

Payerpath Contract Audit and Recovery

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