Take full advantage of electronic prescribing

Save time, money and paper

Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe

Sending prescriptions electronically is the smart way

Are you taking full advantage of electronic prescribing? Sending prescriptions electronically saves time, money and paper. ePrescribe Deluxe has the capability to electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) and process electronic prior authorizations.

ePrescribe is a safe, secure and cost-effective solution to send prescriptions electronically via the Internet, iPhone® or other mobile device. Allscripts is the trusted industry leader in electronic prescribing, with more than 10 years of experience and 100,000 users.

ePrescribe is available as a stand-alone solution, integrated into the Allscripts EHR platforms or available as a third-party outsourced solution. The latest version of the solution is a modular-certified technology for 2014 Edition EHR Certification (Meaningful use Stage 2).




Web-based access with no downloading or new hardware required. This gives providers the capability to access ePrescribe directly from a smartphone or mobile device.


Patient information is imported into Allscripts PM with the ability to upload data from files or free interfaces.


Providers are able to access (with one click) the best drug reference library on the market. There is also an on-demand print center with one-click prescription printing (i.e. DEA).


Allscripts ePA is a transaction integrated with the Allscripts physician e-Prescribing workflow. It facilitates prior authorization in an automated fashion between Providers and Payer without forms, phone calls, faxes or other manual processes.


Improve patient safety with instant drug interaction checks, dosage levels, adverse reaction, duplicate therapy checks as well as access to patient medication history. Access to this information at the time of prescribing can support alerts related to drug inappropriateness, in combination with other medications or with specific medical issues.


Easily access the application anywhere, anytime. Mobile ePrescribing solution for IOS devices.


Allscripts ePrescribe is Stage 1 and 2 Meaningful Use Modular Certified. It is also certified for EPCS and Allscripts eAuth.


Allscripts ePrescribe includes upgrade options to advanced features such as eAuth and EPCS. Facilitates transactions in an automated fashion without forms, phone calls, faxes or other manual processes. Patient assistance programs like valuable patient savings opportunities with eCoupon that can be sent directly to both the patient and pharmacy.

Why Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe?

Easily Access Information

Provides access to patient medication history where and when you need it most even from home.

Track Orders

Provides formulary status on medications and allows providers to monitor compliance.

Keep Patients Safe

Improves patient safety with automatic drug interaction checking, dosage checks, adverse reaction checks and duplicate therapy checks.

Simple to Use

Simplifies the prescription renewal process and allows providers to focus on giving better patient care.

Save Time

Reduces pharmacy phone calls and lessen the chance of prescribing inaccuracies.

Now Available!

Fast and Easy Registration

Depending on chosen options, Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe ranges from $20-$49 per provider, per month.

Enroll online: Subscribe for ePrescribe Deluxe Now!

Want Help?

You must be the prescribing provider to register online. A DEA license and state license number, your NPI number and any associated expiration dates are required. A few simple questions must be verified by the prescribing provider only. Other users can be added later.

Contact us for details: eprescribe@allscripts.com  

Special Offer

At no cost for a limited time, ePA is available through our Allscripts e-Prescribe solution for Caremark and ExpressScripts.

Did you know that 69% of manual prior authorizations require several days to resolve? Wouldn’t you rather use that time to care for patients?

Allscripts ePA is a transaction integrated with the Allscripts physician e-Prescribing workflow. It facilitates prior authorization in an automated fashion between Providers and Payer without forms, phone calls, faxes or other manual processes. ePA delivers a significant return on investment to Payers, Providers and other stakeholders, while improving patient access and compliance.

Allscripts ePrescribe Platinum

Outsourced Solution to Meet Your ePrescribing Needs

Allscripts ePrescribe Platinum is our leading ePrescribe solution that can be integrated into existing clinical solutions. The same great functionality and industry-leading features such as EPCS and electronic prior authorization. Also provided API webserve tool kit for tight integration into your platform.  Let us take the workload of developing your own ePrescribing solution so you can focus on your core competency.

Contact Us: eprescribe@allscripts.com

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