Why Open Matters

Our unique Open architecture connects both clinical and financial data across every setting.Learn how it can help you>

Why Open Matters

Our unique Open architecture connects both clinical and financial data across every setting.Learn how it can help you>

Building a Connected Healthcare Community with dbMotion

Value-based care is here


Manage and coordinate care for your patient populations

As healthcare continues to be reformed and transformed, leaders seek to enhance both clinical and operational performance by creating tightly connected healthcare communities. They are committed to coordinating care across settings more effectively—within a single enterprise and beyond its walls—to ensure optimal care is delivered safely and efficiently.

Key to success is the capability to provide convenient access to data collected by and stored in disparate clinical information systems, and enabling that data to be securely shared and consumed by users throughout the broader healthcare community. Actionable data—available at the point of care and the point of need—serves as a foundation for decision-making and analysis aimed at improving how care is delivered.


Workflow integration

Patient and provider context management are critical to clinical integration. Our platform allows clinicians to directly access community information without leaving their native workflow.

Semantic harmonization

Our system provides an advanced semantic engine that aggregates and normalizes all clinical content into a single view - enabling providers to find relevant information quickly.

Community Connectivity

Our platform uses standards-based connectivity strategies to connect employed and affiliate clinicians.

Open platform

Our Open platform provides a framework to address healthcare workflows such as population health management and value-based care.


dbMotion Population Health Analytics

dbMotion Population Health Analytics enables healthcare organizations to measure performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality across the continuum of care.

dbMotion EHR Agent

dbMotion EHR Agent allows healthcare organizations to truly connect and achieve a workflow that provides meaningful and actionable data.

dbMotion Collaborate

dbMotion Collaborate allows physicians to intuitively and securely monitor and manage the progress of their patients, their patient populations, and their events within their day-to-day workflow.

dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway

dbMotion Clinical Analytics Gateway serves as a conduit for aggregated, harmonized clinical information—enabling analysis in ways that were not previously possible.

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