Comprehensive perioperative solution for Sunrise EHR

One continuous patient record from the OR across all care settings

Sunrise Surgical Care

Extend the power of Sunrise through the doors of the operating room

With Sunrise Surgical Care, all clinicians—from the emergency department and physician clinics to the perioperative environment and post-op units—are looking at the same patient record and the most recent information. The medical record flows through the continuum as the patient does, without complex interfaces.

Sunrise Surgical Care helps:

  • Achieve clinical, financial and operational alignment
  • Improve patient outcomes through a continuous patient record
  • Control costs and maximize staff and room efficiency


Single, continuous patient record

One patient, one record; single repository for improved patient outcomes and reliable reporting.

Native to Sunrise platform

Seamless workflow, without costly integration.

Enterprise-wide solution

Scheduling, ambulatory, acute and post-acute care all in one Sunrise platform.

Comprehensive solution

Best-of-breed functionality supporting distinct needs of the OR, with a level of patient detail rarely seen in a niche solution.

Surgery Day Planner with Real-Time Updates

Surgery Day Planner provides full visibility into the day’s progress. Updates are in real-time, based on case documentation.  Interactive user tools allow users to make changes as needed, such as lengthening or shortening cases, moving cases to another room to prevent delays and more.

Surgery Day Planner Board view:

Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS)

Sunrise Surgical Care and iPro Anesthesia from iProcedures™ offers an integrated, complete, cloud-based anesthesia solution with access to patient records whenever the clinician has access to an Internet connection. Features include:

  • Quality Measures reporting, including PQRS compliance and interface to AQI and SCORE
  • Robust data mining system
  • Anesthesia TraQBoard
  • Digital consent forms
  • Embedded picture documentation
  • Narcotic reconciliation
  • Postop acute pain rounds and Q&A
  • Unlimited custom templates
  • Obstetrician epidural module

Barcode Scanning

Enhance efficiency with Barcode Scanning, which offers:

  • Time Saving: Document and re-stock supply usage faster than manual entry
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Extract implant information, such as serial/lot number and expiry date, to enable more accurate documentation


Preference Card Manager

A powerful tool for maintaining preference cards, which provides:
Flexibility: Supports multiple procedures and providers on the same card
Case Documentation: Pre-populates times and roles for case documentation
Pick List and Charging: Pre-populates case supplies to facilitate supply picking and charging by exception
Global Update: Supports mass update of cards (i.e. adds/removes/replaces items on multiple cards at the same time)


Sunrise Surgical Care Case List

A multi-purpose electronic view of the surgery schedule. Flexible views are used by numerous roles including:
Front Desk: Updated view of the schedule to replace printed schedules that become outdated quickly
OR Manager: Monitor case status, make bulk staff assignments, quickly pull a list of patients affected by a recall or view specific cases provided by a specific provider
Charge Coordinator: Review lists of cases to ensure charges were accurately accounted for prior to sending to the financial system
OR Materials Manager: Use a case list to project how much an item is needed or to evaluate how frequently an item has been used


Managing Transitions of Care - OR Check List

Full visibility of the surgical patient is available by using existing capabilities of Sunrise, such as Clinical Summaries, which guides caregivers and patients through disease discovery, treatment and recovery.


Case Details – Intra-op tab

Part of the clinical documentation requirements for a surgical event are capturing procedures, participants and time milestones, which are documented on the Intra-op tab:

Planned Procedures: The procedures specified during scheduling of the surgical event. Users can add Planned Procedures directly to the case if the case is still pending.
Performed Procedures: Procedures are added to the Performed Procedures automatically when users mark them as “performed” in the Planned Procedure list. During a case, users can add procedures directly to the Performed Procedures list. When the case is completed, Performed Procedures can be automatically added to the patient’s health issues as surgical history.
Participant Roles: The Participants Roles are initially provided from the preference card, if it has been specified, and can be added to or changed by users as part of the case documentation.
Times: The Times are initially provided from the preference card, if it has been specified, and can be added to or changed by users as part of the case documentation.


Industry leading differentiation

  • Modern solution – first new surgery system to enter market in more than 10 years
  • Dynamic Case List with on-the-fly query capabilities
  • Patent-pending rules-based charging module
  • Patent-pending Predictive Specimen Management
  • Market-leading Anesthesia Information Management System included as part of integrated offering

Client Testimonials

“To have a product that is this seamless with the EHR is priceless when you’re running an acute care hospital. All real-time data flows across the continuum of care, across departments.”
Paul Read, Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive, Springhill Medical Center

"Allscripts Sunrise Surgical Care is an exceptional addition to the Sunrise suite. Full integration and outstanding functionality has helped us improve surgical outcomes as we improve financial and operational efficiencies."
Jeff St. Clair, President & Chief Executive Officer, Springhill Medical Center

"Bronx-Lebanon is getting tremendous value from Allscripts Sunrise Surgical Care. Built natively as part of the Sunrise platform of clinical and financial solutions, the exceptional functionality of Allscripts Sunrise Surgical Care has helped Bronx-Lebanon achieve greater operational efficiencies along with better financial and clinical outcomes."
Ivan Durbak, Chief Information Officer, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

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  • For billing and finance, 800-877-5678 (option 3)