Sunrise Patient Record

Automated management of the legal electronic medical record

Sunrise Patient Record - natively built on the Sunrise platform - manages the entire legal patient record life cycle, from data collection to request, delivery and billing. As the patient moves from admission, through care to discharge, Sunrise Patient Record constantly monitors activity and creates, manages and delivers accurate legal medical records in the same system that delivers the care. With accurate patient records so critical to patient care and financial health, no EHR can claim to be complete without an integrated patient record capability.


Sunrise Deficiency Manager

Speeds the resolution of deficiencies by analyzing charts across facilities and placing deficiencies immediately into physician queues, where they can be seen and resolved quickly.

Sunrise Integrated Document Types

Sunrise Patient Record assembles all relevant Sunrise data without the replication of data often required by third-party solutions.  Reports are rendered on-the-fly for easy viewing and management.

Sunrise Chart Completion

HIM managers can view a dashboard with the chart-completion status across facilities, with high-level and physician-specific details.

  • For client support, 800-877-5678 (option 1, option 7)
  • For billing and finance, 800-877-5678 (option 3)