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Sunrise Mobile MD II

Hospital Clinical Information: Anywhere. Anytime.

Sunrise Mobile MD II allows physicians to manage their daily activities using the latest technology from Apple. Natively integrated with Sunrise Clinical Manager, and uniquely developed to maximize the capabilities of the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch or Apple iPad, Sunrise Mobile MD II delivers an intuitive and immersive user experience.

Your organization’s IT initiative compliance can grow significantly because Sunrise Mobile MD II enables users to maximize productivity with little overhead and support ΜΆ quickly making it a solution users don’t want to live without.

Why Sunrise Mobile MD II?

  • Diagnostic quality images through Resolution MDTM: enabling instant access to multi-modality diagnostic-grade images and reports
  • Voice assistance: enables users to simply use their own voice to access results, documents, vitals, medications and more
  • Patient Access and Summaries: Physician-specific patient lists and summaries of individual patient information with the ability to ‘find’ patients not listed.
  • Results: Access to current results with the ability to dig deeper or trend results easily.
  • Problem List and Allergies: Provides the latest information regarding the patient’s current problems and allergies
  • Intake and Output: Presents the patients latest fluid balances as driven by on-line nursing documentation
  • SuperBill: Allows physicians to capture charges for care activities

  • For client support, 800-877-5678 (option 1, option 7)
  • For billing and finance, 800-877-5678 (option 3)