EHR for better health and outcomes

An open platform to promote decision support

Surnise Radiology

Supporting Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes through Complete Imaging Care

Sunrise Radiology is a comprehensive web-based radiology information system that optimizes the workflow of radiologists and promotes faster, more effective clinical decision making.

Tightly integrated with Sunrise Clinical Manager as part of a complete enterprise system, Sunrise Radiology provides paperless workflows for all your imaging information management, providing each user with a simple but powerful workflow tailored to his or her role. This ensures that all users’ workflows are optimized so the clinician can focus on caring for the patient.

Advanced functionality for maximum productivity

Sunrise Radiology features unique embedded capabilities that enhance efficiency and enable radiology departments to accommodate growing volumes of exams without adding resources, contributing to increased revenue capture and optimum speed.

Speech recognition and digital dictation

For fast reporting with lessened dependence on transcriptionists

Seamless interface

Interfaces with picture and archiving communications systems (PACS)

Embedded mammography tracking

Streamlines reporting to facilitate your organization’s compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA)

Centralized workflow

Centralized workflow with local personalization for organizations with multiple sites