Intuitive, Connected and Complete

For small to mid-sized practices

Professional EHR

Superior billing capabilities and specialty-specific clinical content

Allscripts Professional EHR is a certified solution for small to midsize practices to connect with the community and improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

This easy-to-use software streamlines patient flow with sophisticated and intuitive daily planning and physician tools. At a glance, physicians know how many appointments they have and the treatment plans, plus have the ability to monitor patient flow, lab results and information from a single, simple dashboard. The results are improved patient experience and clinical outcomes through faster service, more effective risk management and streamlined patient communication and education.


Learning with one Click

Receive onsite training and go-live assistance to have you up and running as soon as possible.

Robust Specialty Content

Take advantage of our templates, customized by specialty, with protocols ready to go out of the box.

Open and Interoperable

Benefit from our open architecture that allows interoperability to communicate with other providers.

Innovative Mobility

Get access to data when you need it most: at the point of care and on the go.

Now Available! NoteSwift for Professional EHR 

NoteSwift 2.0 for Allscripts Professional leverages the power of Dragon® Medical speech recognition to virtually eliminate mouse clicks in the EHR. Physicians complete patient documentation in at least half the time, with fewer than 5 clicks per note, and see two additional patients or more per day. NoteSwift captures the patient narrative as well as structured data in a way that supports robust billing and MU guidelines. The patient note is completed with all relevant and billable data which results in fewer denials.

Key Benefits

  • “Reason for Visit” now accepts dictation as structured data to support MU guidelines
  • Provides speak shortlist protocols automation in the “Assessment and Plan” section 
  • Automatically captures and parses dictated prescriptions. No clicks needed!
  • Enter diagnosis, along with the appropriate ICD-10 codes, to support accurate billing and reporting
  • Fill-in dictated procedures alongside the correct CPT codes to avoid manual entry

By the numbers

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#1 Top Ambulatory EHR Vendor

Award Black Book 2013

Allscripts Ambulatory solutions are overall 2014:

“Best of the Best”
Ambulatory EHR Functionality & Performance:
Interoperability, Communications & Connectivity

Allscripts Professional EHR is ranked:
#1 Top EHR Vendor Ambulatory - Rheumatology

*Research from 2014 Black Book™ 

What clients are saying

Improving Primary Care

“We can’t participate in these (CPCI) programs without Allscripts’ help.”

Pete Atkinson, MHA, SAMA Healthcare

Dramatic Time Savings

“With a fully-integrated (Professional) EHR and PM, I can go on either side and run a report to double check my data. This data validation is a huge advantage in accuracy and dramatically reduces the time spent chasing down errors.”

Pat Bickoff, Practice Administrator Litchfield Family Practice Center

  • For client support, 800-877-5678 (option 1, option 7)
  • For billing and finance, 800-877-5678 (option 3)