Improve revenue cycle efficiency

Streamline reimbursement and claim management

Allscripts Payerpath

Maintain Healthy Financials

There’s no denying it: health care is a business. Even with the sharpest staff, maintaining healthy financials is a challenge.

Allscripts Payerpath® is an Internet-based suite of solutions that addresses every step in the reimbursement cycle, from eligibility verification through patient collection.

Some companies develop similar programs in-house, without ever engaging with the end user. Allscripts is different. We cater to your end users which enables faster and more detailed software updates that contribute to cleaner claims and faster collections.

Whether a physician practice, payer or clearinghouse, Payerpath can help your organization’s finances stay healthy.

Payerpath Solutions

Payerpath Readiness Solutions

Protects practice revenue even before patients are seen and enables physicians and staff to maximize their workday with:

  • Payerpath Call: Automates phone and/or text reminders for each patient appointment
  • Payerpath Eligibility: Provides practices with real-time and batch eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage before the patient visit

Claims Management Solutions

Creates more accurate claims using multi-level claim scrubbing, online claims correction, and the most current coding information available with:

  • Payerpath Claims Management: Works to eliminate missing information, incorrect codes and data entry errors that can result in rejected or denied claims
  • Electronic Remittance Management: Integrates electronic EOBs from payers
  • Notes: Reconciles submitted claims with payer and trading partner reports, responses and electronic remittances
  • Knowledge Source Pro with CodeCheck: Accesses a proprietary search engine that provides coding guidelines, documentation and policy information

Practice Productivity Solutions

Improves workflow efficiencies through solutions that save time and money:

  • EOB Cabinet: Uses optical character recognition (OCR)-based technology to upload and digitally index, identify and retrieve documents and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Payerpath Contract Audit and Recovery:  Reviews payer contractual payment agreements, identifies underpayments and pursues complete reimbursement
  • Allscripts Practice Performance:  Helps businesses deliver key performance indicators through data benchmarking, customizable reporting, denial tracking and more

Patient Responsibility Solutions

Empowers patients while enabling practices to receive faster payments with:

  • Payerpath Patient Payment Assurance: Empowers a practice to receive authorization from the patient for payment (credit or debit) before he or she leaves the office
  • Patient Statements: Prints and mails clear, correct and patient-friendly statements
  • Payerpath eStatements: Enables patients to view, download and print statements from a dedicated patient engagement platform linked to their providers
  • Payerpath Receipt: Enables all forms of payment to be processed securely and directly deposited into your practice’s account

*Learn more about the patient engagement platform by visiting Allscripts FollowMyHealth

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