Encourage patients to manage their health care

The value of a personal health record, patient portal and connectivity of a health information exchange


Patient Engagement Platform

Allscripts FollowMyHealth is EHR-agnostic and integrates seamlessly with all systems across your organization to provide patients with controlled access to a single comprehensive and managed patient record – regardless of the location of their most recent procedure or doctor’s visit – and tools to help them better manage their care.

Accessed via a Web browser or the mobile app (iOS and Android), FollowMyHealth’s user-friendly navigation and convenient self-serve online functions encourage patients and families to participate in their care with their healthcare team – leading to increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs and improved outcomes.




Built-in accuracy and security with Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)


EHR-agnostic/discrete data flows back into EHR


Configurable release thresholds for results/document


Customize settings/functionality by organization or provider

Monitoring & Compliance

Leveraging consumer-friendly wireless technologies in the home, FollowMyHealth Achieve® enables providers to engage patients directly in the ongoing management of their care. This helps providers monitor the patient’s compliance with care plans and initiate interventions as needed to influence behavior and impact outcomes.


Extending the platform’s value even further, FollowMyHealth helps you make the most of telemedicine in your organization. Our telemedicine eVisit functionality serves as a secure conduit for your clinicians to communicate electronically with patients to answer questions, address minor health issues, and monitor overall health and wellbeing – leading to an increase in access, improved clinician/patient relationships and support of greater efficiency for routine, non-urgent care delivery.

Wellness Programs for Employees

Higher costs due to a rise in chronic diseases and additional industry trends are causing providers and health plans to move towards payer-driven wellness programs. In conjunction with the FollowMyHealth platform, Allscripts offers wellness program functionality that helps you target specific goals that create a healthy professional culture. Improving productivity, cutting absenteeism and reducing overall medical costs become achievements. 

Level 1 Support

Our Level 1 Patient Support services assist patients who might need help connecting to and navigating FollowMyHealth. This means your organization doesn’t need to dedicate valuable staff resources to answering technical questions. For more information, click here.

Patient Engagement Consulting Services (PECS)

Improving patient care, increasing patient satisfaction and exceeding Meaningful Use are priorities for clients using FollowMyHealth. But, for some organizations, encouraging patients to embrace FollowMyHealth is easier said than done. That’s when they engage Allscripts Patient Engagement Consulting Services (PECS). The PECS team spends time onsite with clients to educate and inspire their office staff, and to equip them with the training and materials they need to make patient engagement a seamless part of their daily routine. Click here to learn more about PECS and how it could be the answer to helping you exceed your goals.

  • For client support, 800-877-5678 (option 1, option 7)
  • For billing and finance, 800-877-5678 (option 3)