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Reduce cost and increase patient safety through electronic prescribing adoption

Allscripts banded with several healthcare organizations to begin the National ePrescribing Patient Safety Initiative (NEPSI). The goal has been to reduce cost and increase patient safety through electronic prescribing adoption.  The program attracted more than 100,000 prescribers across the US, and has played a unique role in resolving the current crisis in preventable medication errors.

Though the NEPSI organization has been disbanded, if you are currently looking for an ePrescribe partner, Allscripts is the right choice. We provide industry leading electronic prescribing as a stand-alone solution, integrated into our EHR platforms or as a third-party outsourced solution.

Allscripts ePrescribe is a safe, secure and cost-effective solution to send prescriptions electronically via the Internet, or any IOS enabled device. We are the trusted industry leader in electronic prescribing, with more than 10 years of experience and 100,000 users. 


Get free access to core e-prescribing functions with the Allscripts ePrescribe Basic Edition to electronically transmit prescriptions directly to pharmacies.  Receive renewal pharmacy refill requests and eliminate phone calls and faxes. View the most up-to-date patient’s medication history sourced from our connected pharmacy benefit managers, to improve your view of a patient’s complete medication list.  See the most cost-effective options for medication treatments, and have access to the patient’s medication formulary. This enables streamlining within the prescribing workflow and access to valuable patient cost-saving programs with electronic coupons.

Allscripts ePrescribe Deluxe offers additional e-prescribing features including Live Customer support, the ability to interface for real-time patient demographic feed from your Practice Management system, and upgrade options for ePA and EPCS.

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