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Allscripts Analytics Population Health Analytics

Workflow Tools to Monitor and Manage Populations Across the Care Continuum

The staggering impact and cost of chronic diseases on our healthcare system requires a powerful solution to identify and continuously monitor high-cost, high-priority populations for chronic disease management at the point of care.

The Allscripts Analytics Population Health Analytics solution enables healthcare organizations to measure performance and outcomes, analyze utilization, manage risk, reduce cost and improve quality across the continuum of care.

Payerpath Solutions

Insights at the Point of Care

Provide relevant insights at the point of care and across the continuum to actually make a difference

Monitor and Detect

Easily monitor diseases of clinically relevant populations and detect outliers, noncompliance and patients at risk

Semantic Architecture

Leverage Allscripts Analytics semantic architecture to automatically generate lists of at-risk patients with chronic conditions.

Performance Dashboard

The Allscripts Analytics Population Health Analytics displays a landing page with an integrated view highlighting areas which need attention and intervention to improve on Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). These views can be presented at the organizational level, practice level or single provider level.

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