What to look for in a revenue cycle management solution

So, you’ve weighed your options and decided it’s time to replace your revenue cycle management (RCM) solution. You’re not alone. According to a recent survey, about one out of every five healthcare organizations are planning to replace their current system, too.

What’s causing this trend? Healthcare organizations are preparing for new value-based reimbursements, while still collecting as much revenue as possible under current fee-for-service methods. Lots of RCM solutions simply aren’t up to the challenge of succeeding with both financial models.

At Allscripts, we updated our revenue cycle management solution to help clients meet today’s financial challenges. Our Sunrise Financial ManagerTM solution builds on the successes of Sunrise Patient Financial ManagerTM.

We listened closely to clients about what they needed in future revenue cycle management solutions. We made sure that Sunrise Financial Management could:

– Switch gears smoothly as they move toward value-based care models.
– Natively integrate with clinical information.
– Automate tasks related to eligibility verification, claims preparation, account reconciliation and denial management.
– Make it easy to tailor the application to the workflow needs of their institutions.

From outcomes to income – a healthy financial core at Blessing Hospital

Blessing Hospital (Quincy, IL, USA) transformed its revenue cycle management with solutions from Allscripts. Using Sunrise Patient Financial Manager, and soon migrating to Sunrise Financial Manager, Blessing’s financial solutions natively integrate with its Sunrise clinical solutions.

Blessing automated several tasks, and in six months it was able to improve several financial measures, including a better clean claims rate. To learn more about Blessing’s experience, you can read this recent case study.


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