Elmwood Health Center’s journey to connectivity

A lot can happen in four years. Just ask the team at Elmwood Health Center (EHC), a freestanding, community-based healthcare provider in Buffalo, New York.

Four years ago EHC’s director of clinical services, Barb Johnson, said she could “only dream” about exchanging information in and out of their program. Thanks to efforts to improve connectivity, EHC enjoys better access to real-time data and more efficient workflow, and is providing overall better care to patients.

In 2010 EHC implemented Allscripts Professional EHRTM. This step was the first in a journey to better interoperability, one that earned EHC the 2013 Allscripts Client Award for Outstanding Connectivity Outcomes.

 Elmwood Health Center received the 2013 Allscripts Client Award for connectivity.

Click here to watch a video about Elmwood Health Center’s connectivity efforts


Within one year of going live with Allscripts Professional EHR™, EHC achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 Status. About the same time, western New York State’s regional health information organization, HEALTHeLINK, selected EHC to join with other practices at the forefront of the health-information-exchange movement.

With 11 of the area’s largest hospitals, radiology centers and freestanding labs involved, EHC was part of an important movement to better connect patient data in western New York State. According to EHC’s quality and health information manager, Sandi Sendor, it was an important opportunity.

EHC is an early adopter of a variety of interoperability projects. For example, EHC partnered with Allscripts to develop a point-to-point interface with New York State’s Immunization Information System (registry). It is now involved in another project with the state’s health department to use HEALTHeLINK as an exchange between EHR and the immunization registry.

I can’t wait to see how EHC’s interoperability journey progresses. I expect we’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish in the next four years.

To hear more from EHC’s Barb Johnson and Sandi Sendor, watch this video about Elmwood Health Center’s connectivity outcomes.


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