Don’t just be Open, but Radically Open

Allscripts is enthusiastic about sharing ideas with clients, partners and each other. We get the power of Radical Openness.

For a jolt of adrenaline on the topic of new ideas, watch this video from TED 2012.

Radical Openness by @JasonSilva

Click here

What an awesome testament to the evolutionary power of ideas. Some of the sources of innovation in healthcare are the startups and small companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

These ideas are accelerating quickly.Q1 2013 was a record-breaking quarter with almost a half billion of capital flowing into healthcare IT. That is twice the amount invested in the same quarter just one year ago.

There are a lot of people working to fix healthcare by introducing new ideas and applications. Are your people, processes and technology aligned to capture the power of Radical Openness?


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