Homecare and hospice take their rightful place (podcast)


With healthcare moving inevitably from volume to value, the industry’s lowest-cost setting — homecare and hospice — will become more important than ever. To find out why, listen to this 2011 podcast from Dottie Doremo, CEO of Hospice of Michigan, the largest statewide, non-profit, end-of-life care provider in the nation.


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Doremo, the former Chief Nursing Officer of Henry Ford Health System and a true industry visionary, had this to say about the current healthcare transformation:  


“In the ‘80s there was really a cataclysmic transformation from the fee-for-service system that existed since the beginning of Medicare. But the kind of multidimensional change that is occurring now with healthcare reform and the rapid influx of technology is exponentially greater. Fortunately, we have been preparing for this since about 2004 when we foresaw that we’d face greater need with fewer professional caregivers.”


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