Financial Management

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Enterprise Registration and Scheduling

Sunrise™ Access Manager provides a single platform for enterprise registration and scheduling. This allows for the collection of vital patient information early in the process that can be shared across the enterprise – reducing redundancy and laying the foundation for full reimbursement. The fully integrated solution simplifies complex clinical and financial workflows in a single database, and across both acute and ambulatory environments.

Revenue Capture, Billing and Receivables Management

Sunrise™ Financial Manager provides tools to enable compliance, billing and collections accuracy and revenue optimization. Its unique visual view of your workflows enables you to adapt them as your business changes, while addressing the needs of changing regulatory requirements, ACO’s and bundled payments. The fully integrated platform combines clinical and financial data to meet the care management demands for more effective reimbursements and accounts payable.

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Bring your clinical, financial and operational data together with Allscripts. Our complete, Open-platform budgeting and long-range financial planning solution helps you identify opportunities, analyze threats, track performance and forecast risk. At last, your organization has the key to the better outcomes/lower cost equation. Allscripts EPSi™, the most complete solution for budgeting, financial decision support and long-range financial planning, is used by 14 of the top 18 hospitals in the U.S.

Revenue Cycle Solutions for Community Hospitals

Anchored by the STAR and HealthQuest solutions, this portfolio of services for smaller, community hospitals features functionality such as patient processing, patient accounting, registration, medical necessity checking, clinical code auditing and more.

Why we chose Allscripts

“Each service line has its own LOS, utilization and per-patient cost targets. Breaking it into smaller pieces makes it more actionable. Even when you take into consideration that short-term stays are disappearing, LOS is still dropping.”

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