Community EHR Solutions

exclusively for UMass Memorial Health Care

Why did UMass Memorial Health Care choose to partner with Allscripts and eTransMedia?

UMass Memorial Health Care is committed to helping you and all of our private-practice colleagues select the right health care technology solution for your practice, allowing you to take advantage of the $44,000+ being offered to you by the federal government. UMass Memorial Health Care conducted a thorough evaluation of the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions for private physician practices. The team chose Allscripts and eTransMedia (the local certified Allscripts implementation partner) as the best fit for the health care system as compared to the other leading vendors in the industry. The Allscripts MyWay™ solution offers unprecedented features, implementation, support and physician satisfaction. As a result, we are convinced that Allscripts and the Allscripts MyWay integrated EHR, practice management and claims management solution is the preferred solution for the community. Allscripts MyWay is different but related to Allscripts Enterprise, and has been selected for UMass Memorial Health Care employed Medical Group physicians. Allscripts MyWay offers integrated solutions and is the ideal product for small practices, allowing customization for each user. Allscripts MyWay also gives physicians built-in interoperability services including bi-directional lab orders and results with UMass Memorial Health Care laboratories and electronic delivery of documents directly into the program.

Who is eTransMedia?

eTransMedia is a Premier Partner of Allscripts. eTransMedia provides you with a comprehensive set of customized solutions to meet your needs. As Allscripts’ largest MyWay and Professional partner, they provide the technology, processes and capabilities necessary to reduce costs and minimize risks, while improving your effectiveness and efficiency. Our client-specific interface, coupled with training and support, ensures that you maximize your solution for optimal results.

Who owns the data?

The data belongs to the practice. Allscripts, along with eTransMedia, is the custodian of the data.

What data and documents from UMass Memorial Health Care will be integrated directly into the version of Allscripts MyWay I get for my office?

UMass Memorial Health Care is working with Allscripts and eTransMedia to make Allscripts MyWay as interoperable as possible with all UMass Memorial information systems. Currently planned for the end of Q1 2010 are: Full bi-directional laboratory orders and results between the Allscripts MyWay EHR in your office with UMass Memorial Laboratories Delivery of consults, discharge summaries and other UMass Memorial documents directly into your Allscripts MyWay electronic health record These lab results and documents are typically faxed to your practice today, so this electronic delivery will eliminate faxes as well as negate the need to scan the faxed documents into Allscripts MyWay.

What if I already have an EHR?

Practices that already have an EHR will be evaluated on a case by case basis since there are strict regulatory requirements governing the Federal Stimulus incentives for practices replacing an existing EHR.

Do I need to replace my existing practice management system?

A practice management (PM) system is included as part of the Allscripts offering. If desired, practices can keep their current software but will be responsible for the cost of building the interface between the EHR and the PM.

Is there a productivity impact on my practice while transitioning to the EHR?

All software implementations entail a period of adjustment as staff adjusts to a new way of doing business. By including key clinical and administrative staff in the implementation, productivity impact can be minimized. Allscripts will bring best practices to the project which can help minimize the impact.

How long does it take to get up and running on the EHR?

Full implementation typically takes six to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the installation and the readiness of the practice.

What is the difference between Allscripts Enterprise and Allscripts MyWay?

Allscripts Enterprise is specifically designed for the larger ambulatory practices (+20), IDNs, and academic medical centers and all the complexities presented within these groups. Allscripts MyWay is specifically designed with the smaller ambulatory practice (<5) in mind. The complete PM/EHR/EHI/Portal solution is simple, affordable and complete while allowing for specific practice workflows and customizations. Both solutions adapt to primary care and specialty needs.

Will I be able to see data from other doctors EHRs in Allscripts MyWay?

The implementation of Allscripts MyWay for your office is independent of the Allscripts MyWay EHR used by any other practice. As a result, there is currently no sharing of data or documents between your Allscripts MyWay EHR and the Allscripts MyWay EHR used by a different practice. This same situation holds true between your Allscripts MyWay EHR and the EHR used by any other practice, irrespective of the other practice’s EHR vendor. However, we all recognize the value of having access to more than just the data, so UMass Memorial is implementing a clinical portal that you will be able to launch from Allscripts MyWay. This portal will provide a comprehensive single view of all data available about your patient from a wide variety of outside sources, and is anticipated to be available prior to the end of 2010. In the future, UMass Memorial is also working with Allscripts and our clinical portal vendor to enable importing data from the portal directly into your Allscripts MyWay record by simply clicking on the data of interest in the clinical portal.

Will I be able to see all the data in the UMass Memorial Health Care Allscripts Enterprise EHR in Allscripts MyWay?

The Allscripts Enterprise EHR used by UMass Memorial Health Care for our employed physicians is completely separate and distinct from the Allscripts MyWay EHR you will have for your office. The separation is highly desired, as it gives you and your practice colleagues great flexibility to customize your MyWay EHR to your specific needs. Since the UMass Memorial Allscripts Enterprise EHR is independent of your Allscripts MyWay EHR, there is currently no sharing of information directly between EHRs. However, the clinical portal planned to be available the second half of 2010 will allow full access to all information available from UMass Memorial, with future enhancements to Allscripts MyWay enabling data from the clinical portal to be quickly imported into your Allscripts MyWay EHR with a simple mouse click.