Protect revenue before you even see a patient.

Before a patient arrives for care, Payerpath Patient Readiness solutions protect your revenue stream. Automated insurance verification and appointment reminders ensure patient encounters begin moving through the revenue cycle successfully. Put an end to missed care opportunities and better schedule physician time with Payerpath Patient Readiness solutions:

Payerpath Eligibility™

Verify insurance coverage before providing patient care.

Eligibility data provides practices with quick and accurate insight prior to treating a patient. Access real-time and batch eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage with a simple click from your browser. Intuitive data includes coverage effective dates, co-payments, health benefits caps, and coverage policies. Put an end to time-consuming phone calls to payers and reduce rejected claims for non-covered services. You can do it within seconds with Payerpath Eligibility.

Payerpath Eligibility helps providers:

  • Gain real-time, anytime access to eligibility data (by individual or batch)
  • Submit claims to the correct carrier, reduce rejected claims and improve receivables
  • Verify insurance coverage details in seconds
  • Save eligibility inquiry history and quickly retrieve, as needed
  • Create insightful eligibility reporting (by patient or insurance plan)
  • Protect patient privacy with secure and encrypted technology

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Payerpath Call™

Prevent missed appointments and opportunities to maximize patient care.

Automatic confirmation of patient appointments keeps patients on track for follow-up care, and reduces costly no-shows for your practice. Daily reports of cancellations in advance of appointments create opportunities to reschedule and refill available care slots, and maintain a smooth revenue stream for your practice. Maximize care opportunities and minimize lost revenue with Payerpath Call.

Payerpath Call helps providers:

  • Increase staff productivity by eliminating manual calls to patients
  • Maximize physician and staff workflow by rescheduling and refilling available care slots
  • Reduce lost revenue by preventing no-shows, rescheduling necessary care for patients
  • Confirm or reschedule a planned appointment through touch-tone or voice activation
  • Better engage patients with automatic calls placed during evening hours

Experience Payerpath Call: Dial 800.647.6461 to listen to a sample automated patient call.

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Payerpath Reminder™

Automate reminder communications and stabilize daily patient volumes.

Expand your Allscripts practice management solution beyond scheduling tasks and alleviate manual reminder tasks from your daily routine. Automate printed reminders by simply entering the date that patients should receive an appointment reminder card into Payerpath Reminder. Then our system handles document creation, fulfillment and mailing tasks. Deliver cost-effective and confidential patient reminders to stabilize patient volumes with Payerpath Reminder.

Payerpath Reminder helps providers currently using an Allscripts practice management system:

  • Create customized patient visit reminders by incorporating patient-specific information and data into each reminder message
  • Print and mail professional-quality patient reminders within 24 hours
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance by mailing patient reminders in sealed, confidential envelopes, ensuring the confidentiality of patient-protected health information

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Payerpath Patient Readiness solutions are web-based, flexible and easy-to-use. No software, no hardware — just easy integration with any practice management system, and advanced compatibility with Allscripts PM. Plus, providers who choose to use Payerpath Patient Readiness solutions together with Payerpath Claims Management and Payerpath Patient Payments solutions create a proactive and complete approach to revenue cycle management.

Submit clean claims that accelerate proper payment.

Even before you submit claims to payers, you can identify and correct issues using Payerpath Claims Management solutions. Our first-pass rate for claims averages 98%, which exceeds the 92% industry average rate. Be proactive with your revenue cycle by managing the entire claims and reconciliation process with Payerpath Claims Management solutions:

Payerpath Claims Management™

Track claims data and troubleshoot in real-time to submit clean claims and reduce claims rejections.

Create more accurate claims using multi-level claim scrubbing, online claims correction, and the most current coding information available. Plus, Payerpath Claims Management automatically reconciles submitted claims with payer and trading partner reports, responses and electronic remittances. This all-payer technology makes the claims reimbursement and reconciliation process seamless and completely transparent. Flexible monthly subscription pricing helps practices better budget for claims-related expenses.

Payerpath Claims Management helps providers:

  • Achieve a single, all-payer claims solution for professional and institutional billing
  • Track, scrub, edit, submit and correct claims online in real-time
  • Use Payerpath's industry leading claims and coding scrubber to apply payer-specific edits and coding and compliance validation with coding reference tools (including CCI, LCD and NCD)
  • Automate batch and claims level reconciliation
  • Generate dynamic claims reporting by payer, provider or status
  • Automatically post remittances and generate remittance reporting
  • Automatically convert claims data to necessary file sets (ANSI 835, 837, etc.) with proprietary HIPAA EDI translator
  • Receive web-based, remote troubleshooting from Allscripts client support representatives to resolve issues quickly

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Payerpath CodeCheck (with Payerpath Knowledge Source Pro)

Validate codes in real-time to ensure accurate payment and coding compliance.

Receive instant alerts for coding issues in your claims prior to submission. Then accurately resolve issues with access to on-demand, comprehensive coding data. Complete reference tools increase compliance and reduce the risk of practice audits.

Payerpath CodeCheck (with Payerpath Knowledge Source Pro) helps providers:

  • Find and select the correct code in seconds
  • Research coding documentation and publications
  • Get answers to coding questions via online Q&A
  • Search and cross-reference code library with coding guidelines and level indicators
  • Access CCI, LCD and NCD info specific to practice needs
  • Access to Medicare bulletins, Federal Register entries and other coding documentation
  • Stay current on constantly changing coding submission and trending information
  • Improve physician education and facilitate smarter claims management decisions

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Payerpath Incentive Capture

Generate reporting to qualify for the CMS ePrescribing incentive.

Automatically identify and flag the authorized Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes on claims before claims are submitted for payment. Practices with an Allscripts ePrescribing solution can integrate with Allscripts Payerpath Claims Management to report the appropriate incentive G-code for the specified claim.

Payerpath Incentive Capture helps providers:

  • Automate claims capture and MIPAA reporting
  • Integrate workflow to capture maximum incentive dollars
  • Match claim encounters intuitively with the corresponding ePrescribe encounter data
  • Receive CMS Incentive G-Codes recommendations for reporting

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Payerpath Denial Management™

Identify and reduce problematic payer trends before they drain cash from your practice.

Access real-time visibility into your reimbursement performance and simplify denial management workflow. Simple, easy-to-use reports and tools provide practices with actionable information such as: how often and why a claim is denied; which payers deny claims most and for which codes; and how your reimbursement performances compare to your peers.

Payerpath Denial Management helps providers:

  • Significantly reduce their denial rate far below the national practice average of 10%
  • Access robust reimbursement and trending reports in real-time
  • Identify denial patterns and payer payment delays
  • Measure practice performance against peers using benchmark reports
  • Permanently archive any electronic or paper EOB and easily retrieve any single patient EOB by keyword(s) and date through use of EOB Cabinet

Experience Payerpath Denial Management by filling out a registration form and viewing a recorded demonstration.

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Payerpath Contract Audit & Recovery™

Identify underpaid claims and recover complete payment from payers, without spending a dime.

Automate review of payer contracts against payments to ensure complete payment. Reporting details provide accurate reimbursement information leading to complete payment from payers. Only collectible claims are presented to payers for accurate payment. And every claim is followed until resolution. Contingency-based pricing results in no out-of-pocket expense to your practice. (Includes account management and professional services assistance).

Payerpath Contract Audit & Recovery helps providers:

  • Reduce manual review of claims reimbursements for higher staff productivity
  • Automatically audit payer contracts against payments
  • Identify problematic payers for appeal with automatic flags of underpaid claims
  • Monitor payer compliance to pricing terms
  • Maintain, update and negotiate complex payer agreements
  • Benefit from an Allscripts partnership with MCAGTM, a leading healthcare consumer advocacy group

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Payerpath Claims Management solutions are web-based, flexible and easy-to-use. No software, no hardware─just easy integration with any practice management system, and advanced compatibility with Allscripts PM. Plus, providers who choose to use Payerpath Claims Management solutions together with Payerpath Patient Readiness and Payerpath Patient Payments solutions create a proactive and complete approach to revenue cycle management.

Receive faster payment for care.

Self-pay and patient payments are an increasing portion of a practice's revenue stream, yet on average, practices write off up to 50 percent of patient payments as bad debt. Payerpath Patient Payment solutions deliver a range of basic to robust functionality to meet your organization's unique needs to avoid patient bad debt. Dramatically improve patient collections and clearly communicate patient responsibility with Payerpath Patient Payment solutions:

Payerpath Patient Statements™ with eStatements

Basic print and mail, and also e-mail patient statements with the option to pay securely online.

Easily generate clear, correct, concise and patient-friendly statements in a variety of formats and delivery methods. This flexible approach helps practices reduce costs and streamline patient financial communications. With integration between paper and electronic statements, everyone shares a consist view for better payment resolution. Plus, with an option for patients to pay securely online, physicians can receive payment faster.

Payerpath Patient Statements with eStatements helps providers:

  • Reduce claims turnaround with faster, more accurate financial communications
  • Automate print and mail processes, and generate eStatements where appropriate
  • Reduce time answering billing-related calls with clear financial communications
  • Improve cash flow with secure online payment options
  • Foster patient satisfaction with easy access to billing info, statements and payment options

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Intuit® Health Bill Pay Premier

Enable patients to view and pay medical bills online through a simple, intuitive solution.

Generate and e-mail an easy-to-understand bill to patients. Patients who view and understand itemized explanations of charges for an office visit are engaged to pay sooner for services. Intuit is the trusted provider of consumer tax solutions and now offers the same quality, self-service tools for consumers to pay their medical bills.

Intuit Health Bill Pay Premier helps providers:

  • Pull data from Allscripts PM directly into Intuit Health Bill Pay Premier to create online bills in seconds
  • Generate an automatic e-mail to patients after insurance payment posts and the bill becomes a patient responsibility
  • Allow patients to view bills online with a provided login to a practice-branded, Allscripts-hosted website
  • Collect payment online via debit, credit, HSA or FSA card via secure and private portal and receive daily alerts when payments are made
  • Electronically deposit payments to your bank account within 2 to 3 days
  • Auto-post payments to Allscripts PM in seconds or print and post manually

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Payerpath Patient Payment Assurance

Collect patient payment responsibility at the time of care.

The fastest-growing portion of a physician's revenue stream is patient self-pay. Calculate patient responsibility for payment then receive patient authorization at the point of care. Once the payer's remittance advice is received, you simply settle the remaining patient payment via patient credit or debit card. No need to send billing statements weeks after the visit, saving time and money for your practice.

Payerpath Patient Payment Assurance helps providers:

  • Instantly determine service charges for patients, noting relevant health plan discounts (regardless of payer affiliation)
  • Present clear and accurate summary of charges for patients
  • Collect immediate payments for copays, deductibles, coinsurance, and non-covered expenses via credit or debit card (using PCI-certified acquiring card processor platform technology)
  • Avoid the industry standard of writing off 50% of patient payment responsibility due to bad debt

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Payerpath Receipts™

Post patient payments automatically to Allscripts practice management systems.

Electronically retrieve payments from a lockbox. Then automatically post payments to Allscripts practice management systems, with no additional data entry. Payerpath Receipts eliminates the time wasted opening and sorting mail, manually posting patient payments and preparing deposit tickets. Process payments faster with Payerpath Receipts.

Payerpath Receipts helps providers:

  • Eliminate manual posting of patient payments and preparation of deposit tickets
  • Reduce processing time and costs, and speed payments through the system
  • Maximize receipts by supporting both “balance forward” and “open item” payment posting
  • Integrate automatic payment posting back to your Allscripts practice management system
  • Generate payment reconciliation reports within seconds

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Payerpath Collect

Automate patient collections correspondence for a professional approach to communicating payment deadlines, without costly agency charges.

Eliminate manual pursuit of past-due accounts by automating, but also personalizing, all collection correspondence. Choose from nearly two dozen choices of letters, memos and customizable features. Payerpath Collect includes direct remit payments with no commission fees subtracted. Tracking reports capture collections status information.

Payerpath Collect helps providers:

  • Automate and personalize the collection correspondence process
  • Respectfully communicate payment deadlines and past-due responsibility to patients
  • Eliminate staff time spent on pursuing past-due accounts to focus on patient care
  • Create a quick and comprehensive approach to generating a wide variety of patient communications including office moves, new doctors, mergers and patient surveys
  • Reduce collection fees with direct remittance to your practice, reducing (or eliminating) collection agency charges
  • Avoid hiring and paying costly collection agencies

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Payerpath Patient Payment solutions are web-based, flexible and easy-to-use. No software, no hardware─just easy integration with any practice management system, and advanced compatibility with Allscripts PM. Plus, providers who choose to use Payerpath Patient Payment solutions together with Payerpath Patient Readiness and Payerpath Claims Management solutions create a proactive and complete approach to revenue cycle management.


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