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Client Results

North Fulton Family Medicine

Altanta, GA

  • Saved 44 staff hours per day and 11,968 hours per year
  • Eliminated $934/day and $253,978/year in the areas of chart pulls, new patient chart generation, missing chart searches, transcription, lab result handling, referral letters, medical chart supplies

Western Wayne

Allen Park, MI

  • Reduced transcription costs by about $30,000 per year
  • Reassign staff from pulling and filing medical charts to calling patients about coming in for preventive care

Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology

Denver, CO

  • Instant access to patient charts from 3 endoscopy centers, 7 offices and anywhere there is internet access
  • Saved roughly $83,000 in transcription costs over a two-year period
  • Eliminating paper charts saved $37,000 over two years
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