Allscripts Remote+

Take Control of Your Time.

Take control of your time

Allscripts Remote+ enables providers to remotely control their Allscripts Electronic Health Record from any location. In a matter of seconds, providers can access the power of their practice’s EHR through their Apple® iPad®, iPhone™, iPod Touch®, BlackBerry®, or Android™ device. With Allscripts Remote+ , difficult medical decisions that need to be made while out of the office, at the hospital, on call or on personal time can be made more effectively—thus helping providers take control of their time.

200+ Physician Group Goes Remote


Allscripts Remote+ makes healthcare provider's life easier with:

  • Quick access to real-time patient summary information
  • Fast communication to local hospital emergency rooms
  • Convenient ePrescribing to the patient's regular pharmacy
  • Reliable documentation from anywhere at anytime
  • Anytime access to your task list including medication refills and lab results
  • Charge Capturing when hospital rounding or outside of the practice
  • Diagnosis codes to be attached to scripts written electronically

Allscripts Remote+ improves patient care with:

  • Improved continuity of care with a medical summary faxed to the ER annotated with the provider's instructions
  • Safer medications with accurate medication and allergy lists combined with drug interaction checking
  • Convenience of an ePrescription waiting at the pharmacy

Compatible with Allscripts TouchWorks EHR v11, Allscripts Remote+ is offered at no cost to physicians for a free thirty-day trial. Contact your Allscripts representative to learn more. You can also download Allscripts Remote+ today! Simply access the Apple App Store on your mobile device, search for “Allscripts” and follow download instructions.

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