Allscripts Prenatal & Enterprise OB

When it comes to healthcare, information makes all the difference.  Maternity care is no exception. Allscripts recognizes this need and has developed Allscripts Prenatal and Enterprise OB. Both are web-based solutions that mirrors your existing workflow while offering integration options with EHR products. 

Solutions for All Clients

  • Allscripts Prenatal: Maternity care providers without an EHR can enjoy the benefits of an electronic solution.  Allscripts Prenatal is available as a stand-alone, web-based product. In addition, Prenatal can be easily interfaced with any practice management (PM) system. Either way, maternity care providers can capture critical data electronically and create a perfect PDF replica of the paper form they use every day.
  • Enterprise OB: Designed specifically for Enterprise EHR clients, Enterprise OB, offers all of the features of Allscripts Prenatal, plus seamless integration with Enterprise EHR. By clicking on the Prenatal button in Enterprise EHR, a provider can launch a new window with the same patient automatically loaded. The patient’s medications, labs, problem list, allergy list, and even vital signs are carried over from Enterprise EHR so the provider does not have to re-enter this information again.


  • Matches obstetric workflow, mimicking the look and feel of the paper forms providers have used for decades with an easy-to-navigate web-based solution.
  • Offers an interoperable solution that is simple to implement and use, and yet is interoperable with Allscripts and other EHR systems.
  • Enables multiple providers to communicate through a single place, making information available real-time, all the time.  Offering 99.99% availability, caregivers in multiple clinical settings can input and retrieve data securely anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduces clinical and administrative costs by eliminating the expensive and unproductive process of maintaining, faxing, and filing paper records in the office and hospital.
  • Increases patient safety by enabling a more comprehensive and reliable maternity care record.
“It’s much faster than paper—and I can access the maternity records from anywhere”

Christopher Mernitz, MD  Women’s Health Partnership, Indianapolis, Indiana


Allscripts Prenatal & Enterprise OB is a web-based solution that gives healthcare providers the tools to document and communicate maternity care information above and beyond the capabilities offered in many EHRs.


  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Familiar format that complements existing maternity care workflow


  • Complete, up-to-date, always legible records
  • Round the clock accessibility to information from any location
  • Secure storage of patient information with 99.99% availability
  • Compliant with safety and regulatory standards


  • HL7-based system integrates with Allscripts or other vendors practice management systems
  • Allscripts is the industry leader in interoperability, with 1,500 clinical interfaces in the field and seats on all major healthcare information standards organizations.
  • Rich API provides access to extensible opportunities and integration with other HIT systems (optional feature charged separately).

Rapid ROI

  • Reduces the costs of repetitive paperwork including repeated faxing of charts
  • Lowers the possibility of expensive errors due to inaccurate, incomplete, illegible or inaccessible information
  • Speeds transition of care between providers