Sunrise Surgical Care


Native Sunrise Solution with Best of Breed Functionality

Built on the Sunrise™ EHR platform, Sunrise Surgical Care supports the distinct needs of the OR to improve patient care and outcomes, improve efficiency, manage costs and capture revenue. Allscripts built Sunrise Surgical Care to integrate best-of-breed design and functionality into the seamless Sunrise environment, an advantage no add-on solution can ever deliver.

Continuous Patient Record

Because it’s part of the Sunrise continuous patient record, barriers to information flow are removed, resulting in a single patient record on a single database and platform for the health system. All cliniciansfrom the Emergency Department and Physician Clinics to the Perioperative environment and the post-op surgical unitsare looking at the same patient record and the most recent information. The medical record flows through the continuum as the patient does, without complex interfaces.

The Power to Innovate and Adapt

Sunrise Surgical Care supports highly configurable workflows and advanced clinical guidance to empower you to readily adapt to rapid changes in the industry. Sunrise was developed decision support first, to accommodate the rising acuity of inpatients and the increasingly complex data sets needed to manage their care. As a result, you and your patients realize the benefit of new clinical protocols more quickly.

Stay Financially Strong

Surgery drives 65% of hospital revenue and about 35% of all inpatient admissions, so the your surgery solution’s ability to capture charges and control costs is key to the success of your entire acute facility.

  • Leverage Your Sunrise Investment: With Sunrise Surgical Care: You are able to take advantage of infrastructure investments you have already made in Sunrise, reducing additional costs and allowing you to benefit from the knowledge your teams have already.
  • Surgery Charger with Billing Interface: An easy-to-configure and maintain charge module specific to hospital policies to help increase revenue and decrease lost charges.
  • Vendor-Agnostic Materials Management: Interfaces with hospital materials management systems to ensure accuracy of item files for preference card building and usage.

Key Features of Sunrise Surgical Care

  • Scheduling:  The scheduling capabilities for the perioperative service have been built on the Sunrise Enterprise Scheduling platform, providing for a single-source enterprise scheduling solution. This approach supports conflict-free coordination of patients, staff and resources.
  • Case Lists:  A list of all the surgical cases for the day that is consistent in experience with the Sunrise Patient List. Single-click sorting makes it easy to locate scheduled cases. Additionally, the flexibility of the Case List allows clients to create customized lists and details based not only on scheduled cases, but also historical cases.
  • Preference Cards:  The backbone of any surgery solution, preference cards detail items required by the surgeon for a particular case as well as the ability to capture items used. Historically, maintaining preference cards is labor-intensive, so the solution includes a streamlined design to make it easier to build and maintain the cards.
  • Supply Items:  This capability provides specific inventory detail on each item, including cost, charge, vendor, serial numbers, expiration dates, etc. Perioperative departments will be able to do detailed case costing and Sunrise Surgical Care is capable of being interfaced to their organization’s materials management system.
  • Perioperative Charting:  With charting templates specific to the perioperative environment, clinicians will be able to leverage Sunrise Clinical Documentation for pre-op, intra-op and post-operative documentation. Charting templates can be driven by Case Details, providing the nurse with a more efficient documentation experience while ensuring completeness and accuracy.
  • Case Details:  Case Details is used in conjunction with Perioperative Charting to make it easier for the nurse to document while ensuring that key information is collected. Key milestones and metrics are automatically added to the charting based on the case, and the process supports charting by exception for case usage.

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