Health Information Management

Maximizing Electronic Health Record Benefits

Sunrise Record Managerâ„¢ is a health information management (HIM) solution that automates the workflow associated with the collection, maintenance and distribution of information to maximize the benefits of inpatient Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The solution reduces the countless delays that clinical staff encounter as they search for paper charts, and helps HIM departments save time and reduce necessary resources. All information about a patient, including consent forms, ID cards, insurance cards and forms, can be captured electronically and stored in the EHR, ensuring that complete, accurate information is available in one place.

Sunrise Record Manager helps hospitals better meet regulatory reporting requirements by making data centrally, electronically accessible for easier, faster information gathering and compilation in the enterprise health information system.

The solution includes:

  • Paper-to-electronic document transformation
  • Point-of-service capture for registration and decentralized scanning
  • Embedded deficiency management
  • Chart tracking and requests
  • Seamless Web-based chart completion through the clinical desktop
  • Comprehensive abstracting with integration to popular encoders
  • Release of information and correspondence tracking
  • Customizable, standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities

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