Sunrise Ambulatory Care

Sunrise Ambulatory Care™ for hospital-employed outpatient physicians enables more efficient coordination of care for patients as they move from setting to setting, while also streamlining the administrative functions of physician practices.

An integral part of a health system's Sunrise Clinical Manager™ clinical information solution, Sunrise Ambulatory Care augments the Allscripts suite of electronic health records (EHR) for independent physicians and, like those solutions, shares critical patient information with the health system's inpatient enterprise systems. Hospital-employed physicians can more effectively manage the complex medical needs of patients who require ongoing care in multiple care settings, providing the ability to focus on wellness and proactive chronic disease management for improved patient care outcomes.

Intelligent, connected outpatient care

Sunrise Ambulatory Care features customizable, user-friendly documentation templates allowing physicians to quickly and completely document each patient encounter. The system automatically checks orders against a patient's information in the EHR to ensure accuracy and safety, and validates medical-necessity guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) — maximizing electronic health record benefits.

Embedded connectivity helps hospital-employed outpatient physicians expand their knowledge and support as they manage their patients' conditions and medications, while speeding the exchange of information and communication with pharmacies and payers using e-Prescribing through Prescription Writer — a key component to achieving meaningful use of EHR.

Sunrise Ambulatory Care also features:

  • Clinical decision support, leveraging rich, complex clinical guidelines from leading healthcare content providers, that intelligently compares best practices against real-time patient information to alert physicians and promote consistent standards.
  • Wellness & Immunization Manager that triggers reminders for upcoming, due or overdue patient wellness events, such as blood pressure checks and cholesterol screenings, based on CMS recommendations.
  • Medical billing software providing claims submission, eligibility verification, payment posting and denial management.
  • Evaluation and management (E&M) coding using an automated tool that recommends codes based on clinical documentation, and allows clinicians to adjust codes based on their professional judgment.
  • Secure health messaging allowing physicians to connect with their patients through a secure email and healthcare inbox system and providing support for managing referrals, phone calls and other communication functions.

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