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Sunrise Clinical ManagerMany hospitals and health systems are evaluating acute care Electronic Health Record (EHR) strategies to address patient safety concerns, support clinicians and pursue Meaningful Use. Sunrise Acute Care (formerly Sunrise Clinical Manager) is the one EHR solution that works the way hospital clinicians work—allowing them to save time, manage information and improve patient care.

Built to Foster Acceptance and Adoption

Sunrise Acute Care is an industry-leading, fully integrated enterprise clinical platform, including an Electronic Health Record and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) solutions, for hospitals and health systems. Sunrise Acute Care is designed to coordinate care across locations and departments, support critical decision-making, and automate processes for accuracy and safety. It includes:

  • An integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) that connects clinicians and administrators with shared patient information and workflow to advance accuracy, efficiency and safety across settings, departments and locations. The EHR software has garnered widespread clinician adoption and has been recognized as one of the industry's leading EHR solutions, able to advance a healthcare enterprise to "Meaningful Use" status in time to comply with ARRA requirements. Integrated with a comprehensive offering of enterprise applications, the system maximizes Electronic Health Record benefits by offering interoperable, fully connected care.
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) solutions that are ranked No. 1 in physician adoption and satisfaction. Designed with 250 order sets and enhanced by the industry's most advanced order and result item catalog to improve physician usability, the intuitive, highly automated Sunrise CPOE system promotes deep adoption and usage—41% of our clients with 200+ beds are entering more than 50% of all orders electronically using the Sunrise Acute Care CPOE.
  • Powerful, intelligent clinical decision support, integrating complex, sophisticated, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines with day-to-day clinical processes to enable knowledge-based documentation and workflow for clinicians.
  • Clinical analytics that capture and present clinical quality data proactively instead of retrospectively, providing data-driven insight that enables both on-the-spot decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Closed-loop medication management, including fully integrated pharmacy, eMAR, e-prescribing and bedside administration, reducing the number of steps in the medication process to dramatically advance safety and accuracy.
  • Direct integration and built-in connectivity with Allscripts Community Solutions, designed to share patient information across care settings.
  • Interoperability and data exchange across all ancillary modules, with a shared database for true integration of all clinical functions to promote patient safety, streamlined workflow and coordinated care. Sunrise Acute Care includes a complete package of specialized modules, including:

Architected to Arrive at Real Outcomes

Sunrise Acute Care is designed and built to intelligently navigate healthcare organizations toward positive operational, financial and patient care outcomes—results that are measurable, repeatable and sustainable. Prestigious healthcare institutions rely on the enterprise-wide Sunrise Acute Care to achieve reduced response time, more sound clinical decisions, reductions in hospital-acquired conditions, substantial decreases in medication errors, increased regulatory compliance, and overall more positive patient medical results.

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