Allscripts Care Management was designed explicitly to run on the Internet using the ASP (Application Service Provider) model, which allows rapid implementation by eliminating expensive and complex software installation and maintenance.  The ASP model also allows clients to safely and securely login to the application from any location that allows them access to the internet.

Using Microsoft .Net technologies and utilizing Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as its database, Allscripts Care Management is an n-tier client-server application which allows for the greatest flexibility in future enhancements and optimizes performance.  This architecture has been proven over the years and guarantees the protection of sensitive patient information. 

The Allscripts Care Management system is housed in a state of the art controlled environment provided by SunGard Availability Services and allows us to provide a number of professional services:

  • Fully managed hosting
  • Physical, network and data security
  • Daily backups
  • Offsite storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 24 x 7 x 365 performance monitoring

Allscripts Care Management meets all current CMS regulations for transmissions and maintenance of identifiable healthcare data over the Internet, and also complies with HIPAA security regulations.

We ensure that our servers are up and running safely and securely at all times, which means our clients are guaranteed access to Allscripts Care Management over 98% of the time.  Maximum uptime and information security are achieved through meticulous server management and contingency planning.  Using RAID architecture, Allscripts redundancy strategy is to eliminate single points of failure from the production systems.

Allscripts Care Management is designed to interface with hospital systems and supports several messaging format types including HL7, fixed-width, and delimited file formats.  Data with Allscripts Care Management can be sent either real-time or batch transfers by using either a VPN or FTP.

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