ePrescribe Platinum

Made available by Aetna

Smart, simple, safe, and secure.

Allscripts ePrescribe Platinum — available at no cost through Aetna’s agreement with CVS Caremark — helps to increase the use of ePrescribing among Aetna in-network physicians.

Allscripts ePrescribe Platinum is the secure web-based means to send prescriptions electronically to retail and mail order pharmacies. Faster and more reliable than a script pad, Allscripts ePrescribe Platinum helps physicians improve patient care while streamlining office operations. With instant checks on drug interactions, dosage levels, and prior adverse reactions, your patients have never been in better hands. In addition, your staff saves time by fielding fewer pharmacy calls and your patients appreciate the convenience of having their prescriptions waiting for them.

Key features include:

  • Access information and prescribe from anywhere, anytime via your iPhone or mobile device
  • Prevent medical errors through instant checks on drug interactions, dosage levels, adverse reactions, and duplicate therapies
  • Simple to use and install—nothing to download
  • Formulary compliance checks
  • Qualify for MIPPA incentive payments
  • Transmit and renew prescriptions instantly
  • One-click access to drug reference library

PLUS, through Aetna, you are eligible for ePrescribe Platinum at no cost to you.

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